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Weekend Beauty Treat: Home Spa

Update 2/22/2017

This morning I woke up with this idea in my head. To do something for me today! It's been awhile since I gave myself those Home Spa treats like I used to do before I got little Julia. I figured I can use sometime while she is having her first morning nap. I prepared the Home Spa Rituals like it's mentioned in the previous post from April 2015.   

Nothing fancy but as simple as it was, it was really worth it :-) 


I've been looking forward for this home alone weekend, so I just use it to pamper myself a little. Stay away from tech, relax, just be home, do what I have to do, read a book or write down my summer plans and catch up with my art hobbies. 

This afternoon I am going to have a home spa treat, I used to do this every now and then. It's  a great way to recharge energy and focus. 

These are the things I am going to use for my HOME SPA treat: 

I bought sandal oil (my favorite incense) burner yesterday from Indiska a swedish store, which was really nice and gave the home a lovely relaxing smell like the one you can sense in luxury spa`s. I also bought some mud face masks to use and I am going to use almond oil as hair mask, and finally coconut body scrub during the shower. I also use freshly used coffee grounds as body scrub sometimes. 

The candles and soft warm towels are the most important part of the home spa as well as some nature sounds music playlist from spotify (the link here has the playlist I use) to feel the harmony and the peace. I drink some herbs tea with ginger and lemon that helps me relax after the shower while I soak my feet in sea salt water in the water foot bath massager machine. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend and get inspired to plan your own home spa treat. 

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  1. Sounds like the most perfect bath !


  2. Sounds wonderful, I have to try this at home some day. :)

  3. Yeah you guys wil love it :-) Its my weekly treat


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