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Body Shapes: Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Dress

Hello buddies! Few years ago I noticed that not all dresses and clothes can fit me right regardless of the size matter, and I began to notice the differences between the designs of the clothing's that fit me perfectly and the once that are not. Until I came cross the information I needed , and now I am sharing them with you. 

The most popular amongst the various kinds are the one “with assets” as materialistic as that sounds! Also, seeing as Marilyn Monroe herself set the standard for this one, the girls with the hour glass figure are considered pretty divine! Then again it depends on your personal preference as well! Take a look below and figure out yours or your girlfriend’s for that matter!

Body shapes

Straight /Rectangular – your hips and bust are of similar sizes and your waist is slightly smaller, giving you an overall shape that is straight

Pear/Bell – your hip size  is greater than your bust and your waist  is at least 10 inches smaller than your hips. Generally, we ladies tend to have bigger thighs and buttocks and smaller breasts and shoulders and overall are shaped like a pear/bell
*Note: A lot of us ladies are pears. A great comfort to me because I am a pear.
Apple – your sholuders are broader than your hips and you are usually slim in your thighs and legs.  Your waist is equal to or larger than your   hips and bust and there is only 2-4 inches difference between all 3

Hourglass – your hips and bust are of similar sizes and you have a small waist

Inverted Triangle (also known as a V shape) – you are larger in your bust and often shoulders too, with narrow hips and slim legs

By now, I guess you have a better idea about your female body shape........

My Body Type Is Between The Two Below Shapes:

Hourglass Body Shape
Best features. Big breasts, a slim waist and curvy hips make your figure the crème de la crème of feminine beauty.
Common pitfalls. Your figure has natural allure, so you may be tempted to give too much away. “Everyone is trying to mimic the hourglass curve, but you’ve already got it,” Saboura says. “Show off a bit, but don’t give away all your curves.”
Simplicity is key for you. Look for clean, simple tops with scoop necklines and three-quarter sleeves. Avoid layering, and look for waist belts that help define your tiny tummy. You look best in princess seams—long, shapely seams that gather in at the waist and flare out again at the hips—that have a smooth, snug look and show off your contours. Fitted jackets look great on you, but “they need to be really well tailored,” says Saboura. “Choose jackets that nip in at the waist and flair out, like a poplin jacket.”
You look best in skirts that stop at or below the knee, not above it. Pencil skirts look great on you, as do bootleg pants and skinny jeans. Choose pants or skirts that follow your natural curve, and go for fitted options (but not too tight). “Embrace your silhouette,” says Saboura. “The sexiness is in seeing the curve, not giving it all away.”

Courtesy of Sam Saboura
Triangle (Pear) Body Shape

Best features.
 Shapely legs, a trim waist and head-turning hips give your body feminine appeal.
Common pitfalls. “You have a slender upper body, so your instinct might be to show it off with slim-fitting shirts,” says Saboura. Resist the urge! Tiny tops throw off your body’s balance, making your bottom look bigger than it is.
When you think about tops, think layers. Creating balance for your shape is all about filling out your upper half. “A cardigan is your best friend,” says Saboura, because it adds lightweight volume. For cooler weather, try cropped jackets that stop at the waist (channel Jackie O. for inspiration). Don’t be afraid to show a little skin, too. Three-quarter sleeves, wide scoop necks, and one-shoulder tops all look great on you.  
Boot-cut pants are best for your body. “The slight flare helps to balance out curves, especially if you wear them with a heel to give your legs a little length,” Saboura suggests. Go for dark, medium-rise jeans with simple stitching and pockets in the back. For skirts and dresses, try a classic A-line cut that falls softly over your curves and highlights your trim waist. Avoid high waists and pleated skirts—they’re made for filling out figureless femmes.       
Fabrics and Flair
Draw the eye up with bright colors and embellished tops. Saboura says, “Try a boatneck shirt with horizontal stripes,” or a cardigan with rosette detailing. Chunky jewelry can work well for you too, adding interest up top. Prints and patterns are fine for your lower body, but aim for darker colors.

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