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25 Tips: Beauty Favors

1- Real simple hair. 2- Clean fresh face. 3- Simple eye liner / eyebrows. 4- No pushups. 5- Clean style nails. 6- Maskara. 

There are many out there who over do it all without noticing the fact that natural beauty it actually more noticeable and precious. Especially nowadays when all these fake beauty stuff became very common such as extensions; nail extensions, hair extensions, lash extensions.. not to forget the big fat fake eyebrows, push up bras, botox etc... everyone became all alike!

What happened to the simple beauty and the fresh clean glowing faces. It's hard to find such faces now days in the media which is the one to blame for making people think that is the ideal look and no one actually notice that is just a big marketing trick to sell beauty products. Anyway my main topic is there are many ways, thought, that someone can do to look better. This article has a number of beauty tips that you will find easy to apply to your natural beauty:

1 A healthy lifestyle will help you look good and contribute to the health of your best. You should also want to get a good lotion and use when your skin feels dry.

2 Being confident is the best things you can do to look beautiful.

3 Always wash off your makeup prior to going to bed. Use a gentle washcloth and warm water or a solution made for makeup remover solution. After removing the makeup, simply cleanse your face as you normally would. Make-up left on your pores and most likely lead to morning break-outs.

4 This gives you the nutrients your body needs to keep your hair to retain its luster. You can also put rosemary essential oils to your hair.

5 Replace expensive designer cleansers, exfoliants, a mild toner, castile soap, a mild toner such as witch hazel or white vinegar, and some natural Aloe Vera gel for your moisturizer. These natural products are great for any kind of skin type. Tea tree oil can be used as a medicated moisturizer.

6 This helps promote nail growth because your new nail is being fed. Use a top coat after painting your nails to prevent chipping.

7 Use petroleum jelly on a regular basis to help soften your feet and feet!

8 Wash makeup brushes frequently.Fill a bowl with water and a gentle shampoo, working the soap through the bristles. Rinse each brush thoroughly and allow them to dry. This prevents the buildup of makeup and acne causing bacteria from building up.

9 After you apply your lipstick, in a dark shade especially, make sure to poke a finger in your mouth to get pull the skin out while making a letter "O" shape with the mouth. This will prevent lipstick that may end up on your teeth later to not get there in the first place.

Apply the lotion right after you shave. Ingrown hairs can be caused by dry skin, and using lotion every day will work wonders. This prevents formation of the ingrown hairs and will help them from not forming anymore.

10 A good quality is critical for a manicure looking great. A great top coat will improve the life of your manicure by a few days.

11 If your facial skin is extra-dry, try seeing a beautician to get a powerful moisturizing treatment. This exfoliation process will rid dry facial skin and give you a more even appearance.

12 Use liquid eyeliner when you want the look to be more dramatic. You can be very creative using the liquid formula and it really makes your eyes dazzle and pop. Try to apply Lagrend.

13 Take a break from using hot tools like curling irons to keep your hair to recover.
It's important to remember that beauty being in the eyes of just one beholder. If you're content with yourself, you're already way ahead of the game.

14 Many women become stuck in a certain age in terms of their look because that's what they get comfortable with. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this if you are happy. However, if you plan to look for a job again, it's worth seeking out some impartial advice, it is worth your time to get advice from a reliable beautician or a friend.

15 Keep your favorite lotion handy for emergency events. You can never tell when you will need to quickly fix your skin. You can add a frizzy hair problem. Squeeze a small amount onto the palm of your palms and run it through your hair.

16 If you want an inexpensive facial mask that can tighten your skin, look no further than your own fridge. Whisk up a mix of egg white and lemon juice and apply it to skin, after five minutes rinse it off and your face will be fresh and firm. This is a fantastic skin picker-upper right before a party or big date.

17 If you know you are hydrated and healthy, but you are hydrated and healthy, consider taking some Benadryl.

18 A good beauty tip that supermodels use that they sleep on their backs. Sleeping the other way around will cause your face for eight hours each night causes puffy eyes and you'll get wrinkles. Your face recovers well when you're young. However, as we age, the wrinkles on your face that come from sleeping on your stomach or side won't go away so easily. 

19 Get into the habit of sleeping on your back, and you will protect your face.

20 Even if you're careful, neck, or hands. Use a cotton ball immediately to get out the stains in milk to help you with this problem. Rub in a circle to gently lift the discolored area.

21Soak your fingernails in some warm milk to hydrate them and stop them from peeling. Lagrend makes your skin beautiful.

22 Try adding powdered aspirin into your normal shampoo if you are having a dandruff problem. The ingredients in aspirin have a property that will help calm the dry scalp. This helps with your dandruff and eliminates the need for a suite of expensive products.

23 This means that you should prime, prime and tone your skin before you apply foundation.

24 Beauty is frequently a matter of opinion, depending on individual preferences; however, there are basic elements that are perpetually true across the board. 

25 Now that you are aware of the helpful hints in this piece, all you need to do is apply them to your life.

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