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Tech Digital Free Camping Trip

So as I promised you guys, here is the post about our tech / digital free camping trip. Last Friday we headed by car to the mountains Oldflån Ansätten for the weekend, four hours up north drive from where we live. On the way I have locked my sim card, wifi and all tech devices except for the camera, because sometimes I had to use it just do document some moments of the trip. 

To get to the location we wanted to camp in which is a river side behind the mountain, we had to park the car and hike for 13 klm and it took us three and half hours of hiking. We took some short rest breaks just to drink water or rest from the bag pack weight. Getting to the spot felt like reaching heaven because hiking up hill with the heavy weight took the best of us.

Once we got to the river side ( No cars road in that whole area) in the middle of huge forest, we builded our tent, organized everything and started up some fire. My guy started fishing after that and he got us some really yummy fish, all I did was sitting next to him meditating and taking in nature the first few hours.

Surprisingly there was no mosquito's around, it was clean air, perfect temperature, calm and the only sound we heard is birds singing. 

We grilled the fish and some other food we brought with us the old way on wood sticks we collected. We made sure to collect enough wood to keep the fire on all night long and enjoyed the sunset while having good quality conversations over the sounds of the nature until we called it a day. At night I heard some deers who came over around our tent sniffing, because they had bells around their necks. 

The day had to leave, we got up early made breakfast and packed everything to head back to where came from experiencing the same hiking challenge until we reached the cars road. 

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