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A list of normality

 A list of normality :

1) It is normal for anything we do forget who
we are and what we want, so that we can work to
produce, reproduce and make money.

3) Spend years making a career in college to
after not finding work.

4) Working from nine am to five p.m.
something that does not give us any pleasure, provided that the
After thirty years the person can retire.

5) Retire, to discover that no longer has the energy to
enjoy life and die within a few years,

6) Use Botox.

7) Understand that power is much more important than the
money, and money is more important than happiness.

8) Ridiculing those who seek happiness rather than money,
saying it is a "person without ambition."

9) Compare objects like cars, houses, clothes and define the
life in terms of these comparisons, rather than trying
really know the real reason for being alive.

10) Do not talk to strangers. Speak ill of his neighbor.

11) Believing that parents are always right.

13) To criticize everyone who tries to be different.

14) Waking up with an alarm clock next to the hysterical

15) To believe absolutely everything that is published.

16) Use a colorful cloth tied around his neck, without
no apparent function, but it serves the pompous
name of "tie".

17) Do not ever be direct in the questions, although the other
person understands what we know.

19) To think that art is worth a fortune, or not worth
absolutely nothing.

21) Follow the dictates of fashion, but this is ridiculous
and uncomfortable.

22) Be sure that all celebrities have
lots of money accumulated.

23) Invest heavily on external beauty and care
little of the interior.

24) Use all means possible to demonstrate that even
being a normal person, you are above others

31) Attend a charity event and think that it already has
worked enough to eliminate inequalities
social in the world.

32) Eat three times a day, even without being hungry.

33) Believing that others are always better in every way:
more beautiful, more capable, richer, smarter. Is
risky venture beyond their own limits, better
do nothing.

37) Marrying the first person to provide you or na
status. Love can wait.

39) Let the most interesting things to life when
no longer have the strength.

40) Avoid the depression with daily doses and dense
television programs.

From Novel : The winner stand alone 


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  2. Pretty powerful post! I love when a great post makes you think. Thank you.

  3. Straight to the point! I don't feel I want to be "normal" person ever!!!
    Happy Friday hun!

  4. Am I not normal, considering I don't wish to retire?

    Great post btw :) Greetings from the UK

  5. Thank you guys for sharing your opinion. Greetings <3


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