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The thing about Christmas

Hello my loyal readers! I wish you all having a great holiday and a marry Christmas. Well...for me its a new experience this year because we don't celebrate Christmas in the country I come from. I personally don't celebrate any of our holy calendar occasions. In general I enjoy to watch the spirit of all holidays and the fun and joy it brings to the homes. For me .. the thing about Christmas or any of those type of holiday is all about love, gatherings, feasts, giving, and gratitude..no matter what the holiday means or what culture it comes. And that what makes us all the same in this world after all!

During my last traveling trips I attended many foreign holidays / occasions with the local people, Such as the Ghost day in the Indo culture, Easter, Halloween ext... and more which I can't recall their names at the moment.

This year I enjoyed trying the Swedish Christmas foods and drinks, Christmas songs on the radio, attending the church musical event, I adored the lovely decorations and lights everywhere, the beautiful Christmas tree and seeing the children happy to see Santa. And above all  I enjoyed giving and receiving gifts! it was a very interesting experience for me..

Have a happy holiday...

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Travel Tales: Coffee Luwak In Bali

First time I heard about  it was on my number one favorite movie The Bucket List  2007. I didn't take it seriously until I visited Bali last year.

Kopi Luwak ( Local name) comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, an area well-known for its excellent coffee. Also native to the area is a small civet-like animal called a Paradoxurus. That’s the scientific name, but the locals called them Luwaks. These little mammals live in the trees and one of their favorite foods is the red, ripe coffee cherry. They eat the cherries, beans and all. While the beans are in the Luwak’s stomach, they undergo chemical treatments and fermentations. The beans finish the journey through the digestive system, and exit. The still-intact beans are collected from the forest floor, and are cleaned, then medium-roasted and ground just like any other coffee.

The resulting coffee is said to be like no other. It has a rich, heavy flavor with hints of caramel and chocolate. Other terms used to describe it are earthy, aromatic, sweet and exotic. The body is almost syrupy and it is probably the smoothest coffee known to mankind.
One must wonder about the circumstances that brought about the first cup of Kopi Luwak coffee. Who would think to (or even want to) collect and roast beans out of animal feces? Perhaps a native figured it was easier to collect the beans from the ground this way, rather than having to work harder and pick them from the trees? We will likely never know. But because of the strange method of collecting, there is not much Kopi Luwak produced in the world. The average total annual production is only around 100-pounds of beans.

Because of the rarity of this coffee, the price is quite outrageous. The current cost for a pound of Kopi Luwak is around $1,000.00 USD or more. Some other adventurous coffee houses are selling it for $ 120.00+ by the cup. The coffee is so spectacular that it’s truly worth that amount of money. After all, you are paying for the experience of enjoying such an unusual and rare delicacy.

Would you like to try a expensive cup of Coffee Luwak?  
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Winter Wonderland

Hello readers! its been a while since I blogged anything... I miss the whole blogging network and I will try to catch up on all the updates and comments on my previous posts when I am done with my studies and everyday activities. Here I am as you see in the wonderful winter wonderland in Sweden, its been snowing since a week now. The last days been quite heavy specially last Friday night and Saturday. All went fine and I am getting used to the new weather slowly, I been in snowing places before but not this much. My first time to see the snow was in Dec 2009. At the moment its - 14 c and I was told its going to get lower and lower from now on.    

Since I got here I been busy with making lots of handmade things to join the Christmas market in town for the first time. It was a great opportunity for me and I sold 5 items apart from other cakes and bakery things, was all sold very quickly. 

I am still up for this challenging experience;  new culture and language.... But I know Its worth the effort, all I gotta do is to be patient.

 I wish you all happy December  2012. 

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