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Osho On Key Topics: MONEY

It's amazing how I find old spiritual posts from the blog archive that still resonate after many years.  I picked up now where I left off on the spiritual path. This post is from the archive of October 2010 in Antalya - Turkey. In times where I used to be vegetarian for a while, practiced lots of Yoga and meditation.  

"I have heard: Two men were walking along a crowded sidewalk in a downtown business area. Suddenly one exclaimed, "Listen to the lovely sound of that cricket!" But the other did not hear. He asked his companion how he could detect the sound of a cricket amidst the din of people and traffic. The first man had trained himself to listen to the voices of nature, but he did not explain. Instead, he took a coin out of his pocket and dropped it on the sidewalk. Low and behold, a dozen people were suddenly looking at them! "We hear," he said, "what we listen for." There are people who can listen only to the sound of a falling coin on the ground - that´s their only music. Poor people! They think they are rich, but they are poor people, whose whole music consists only in the sound of a coin falling on the ground. Very poor people... starving. They don´t know what life consists of. They don´t know the infinite possibilities, they don´t know the infinite melodies surrounding you - the multidimensional richness. You hear only that which you listen for." - Osho

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